HSMAI Arizona - Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International, Arizona Chapter

January Meeting
January 16, 2003
At Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort

"Members Working With Members...
How To Give AND Get Business Leads
Through HSMAI"


Did you miss our popular event, "Members Working with Members…How to Give AND Get Business Leads Through HSMAI"? If you've never been to one, here's how it works: You start at one of the tables. Everyone at your table gets a chance to introduce themselves and talk briefly about their products or services. At the end of the "round", you all pick a number from the envelope on the table, and proceed to the table marked with that number.

This is always a great opportunity to meet fellow members!

This year we added a twist: each table was assigned to an HSMAI Committee. The Committee Chair and Board Liaison stayed at "their" table while everyone else played musical tables. They then started off each round by describing what their committee does and recruiting new members. Some of the committees got pretty creative while vying for new recruits: Sporting caps and gowns, clinking cans of coins, and pushing milk duds while wearing cow attire.

Thanks to HSMAI member Mary Calby and the Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort for hosting us. A special thanks to the generous prize donors: Tri-Rentals, The Butler Recommends, Wyndam Buttes Resort, Radisson Woodlands Resort Flagstaff, Aji Spa at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa, Gillian's Radisson Poco Diablo Resort and The Broadway Dinner Theatre.

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