HSMAI Arizona - Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International, Arizona Chapter

by Joanne Winter

Approximately 95 HSMAI members and their guests were on hand for the May meeting to learn some tips on "Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance®" presented by Connie Kadansky.

We all realize that prospecting is necessary and can be extremely profitable. We want to sell our products and services, and believe that we bring great value to the marketplace ... right? We network like crazy. However, we are not selling as much as we would like. It could be that we are not doing enough PRODUCTIVE prospecting to get those sales. Connie attributes this to Call Reluctance.

Nothing is more foundational to sales success than prospecting, yet most people hate to prospect! It does not have to be that way. Call Reluctance® originates as an emotional interference, affecting much more that just cold calling. It also affects our follow-up with people we meet while networking.

One reason we experience Call Reluctance® is because we "want" something from our prospects. We want an appointment, we want their approval, we want their friendship, we want them to buy. And when we want something from someone, we will always experience fear, at some level. What's more, when we want something from someone, they will psychologically pick up on that fact. In turn, they start protecting their pocketbooks, their reputation, their time. As a result, you now have two people in fear, starting out on very shaky ground.

What would happen if we developed a mindset about prospecting? Such as "I would love to do business with this person. It would be great fun to work with them." Or, "I am 100 percent committed to providing the best products and services. However, it does not matter if they do business with me or not."

Because a position of neutrality requires us to remain emotionally detached from the outcome of the call, it dissolves our vulnerability to disappointment. When we experience Call Reluctance®, we are focusing on a "don't want": I don't want to intrude. I don't want to sound stupid. I don't want them to think I am attempting to sell them something, etc.

However, once we are able to get past the "don't want" and remain detached from the "want", prospecting becomes a fun, enriching, extremely profitable experience. For more information about Connie, visit her website at www.exceptionalsales.com

We would like to extend a BIG thank you the Embassy Suites Tempe for hosting our event and providing a wonderful lunch with a Mexican flair.

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