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November 2003 Meeting Recap

by Allison Reynolds, Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre

"Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape!" Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA is a dynamic speaker that captured her audience as she taught us the three keys to improve productivity and profitability both personally and professionally:

  1. Change your thinking, change your life. Understand how you think. It only takes you 3 seconds to open or close your minds gate. What closes your mind? Your experiences and emotions filter what you think. What the mind perceives the mind believes. Open yourself up.
  2. Bulls Eye! Accept that you need/want to change something. Leave your old thinking and habits. Make a plan to change.
  3. Hunting for success. We look for affirmations of success both internally and externally. Internally we can imagine the best (anastrophic) or the worst (catastrophic). Did you know that 77% of our self-talk is negative? Mind your mental terrorism! Do a freeze frame. Stop and change your outlook; think: happy, perky, bubbly, positive, spirit. Be your own CEO (Chief Energizing Officer). Become a magnet to other positive people! The quickest external affirmation is a smile. You should write your goals as affirmations (I am...).

    Have an action plan. This gives you're a personal responsibility to see the change through.

    Stay focused. You need to review the goals of your action plan on a regular basis.

    Only 3% of the people in the world today choose to change. Are you willing to change and improve your life both personally and professionally? Remember, "Always be flexible and make time for your clients. If you choose not to, they will vote with their feet and begin spending time with your competitors." -Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA

November Meeting Recap
November Meeting Recap
November Meeting Recap

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