HSMAI Arizona - Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International, Arizona Chapter

A January Meeting Recap
By Sarah Bailey, Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas

As members, we all look forward to this meeting for insight on the year in review and a glance in to the future. Robert Hayward of Warnick & Company has the answers. 2007 found us with sporadic growth in RevPar, occupancy flat in the past 2-3 years and supply and demand equalizing itself. The Valley is continuing to hold it's own as a strong contender in the tourism market.

Mr. Hayward believes we'll see a strong first quarter in 2008, but speculates what will happen after that. We'll see growth, but not quite as strong as prior years. This is a year to position ourselves competitively in the market to strengthen Arizona as a desired destination and showcase our properties in the best light. .

Thank you to the folks at the Sheraton Phoenix Airport for hosting us for a wonderful lunch and to Richard Carmer with Picture Phoenix for our photo memories.

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