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"Awakening Your Potential - Getting Your Head Into The Game"
A September Meeting Recap By Cheryl Street, CHME, Hampton Inn & Suites Surprise

Are you waiting for someone else to energize you and fulfill your life? Renie Cavallari of Aspire says, "Forget it! This is like waiting for a bus that will never stop at your corner. It is time to own your future by creating it."

How do you awaken your potential? These are the five keys:

  1. You have passion.
  2. Self is never on the line. Determine who you want to be.
  3. Have healthy beliefs. Surround yourself with people who have the same.
  4. The gig is about outcome and priority. Focus.
  5. Constant improvement.

Do most people have their head in the game? How do people stack up? In Aspire's experience working with business clients, they found these results:

  • Outstanding (4%)- truly innovative, go getters, trend setters
  • Top-Notch (14%)- Better than average
  • Mediocre (72%)- Average
  • Loser (7%)- plodders

The key is that you are in control. Only you can make a change, and only if you desire a change. Turbo-charge your work and your life: Create your own future.

Rene is Director of Inspiration, Chairman of the Board and Founder of Aspire. Aspire is a revenue optimization company specializing in strategic marketing, training and team building. Bottom line, they are fanatical about each client's results, which is why they have a 96% retention rate over the past 11 years.

Special thanks to Renie, our host venue, the Phoenix Convention Center, Aventura Catering, AV Concepts, Richard Carmer from Photos Plus and Clark Rowley from Scottsdale Camelback Resort for providing accommodations for our NAU students.

Sponsors Sandy Brown, Lynn Casebere and Mike Wilson
are recognized by Bob Holman.

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