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"Charting Your Course"
An October Meeting Recap By Cheryl Street, CHME, Hampton Inn & Suites Surprise

According to Les Taylor, President and CEO of Achievement Solutions, LLC, if all it takes to become something is thinking about it all the time, then HSMAI President Bob Holman would be a woman. But it takes much more than that. Five things needed to move from activity to achievement:

  1. Desire,
  2. Personal responsibility for your own productivity,
  3. Process,
  4. Commitment to the process, and
  5. Accountability.

Utilizing a six step process - driven by three powerful principles, Les is able to help any individual or organization improve its effectiveness and productivity.

The first three steps help develop perspective and develop leadership based on the principle of belief:

  1. Mission - grand purpose, fundamental reason for existence. For Disney it's "Make People Happy". For Ritz-Carlton it's "Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen."

  2. Vision - Seeing in your minds eye what could be a preferred change. Answer these questions: What do I need to start doing? What do I need to stop doing? What do I need to do more of? What do I need to do less of?

  3. Values - Internal/organizational belief system, this drives behavior and shows commitment to the process. The next three steps help define performance of staff and management based on principle of behavior.

  4. Strategies - Plans for the preferable change, "big picture" plan, the process.

  5. Goals - Measurable objectives, "fuel in the furnace" to make it happen.

  6. Actions - Strategic decisions.

The last principle based on balance is used by both leadership and management to maintain alignment to the beliefs and behaviors. For example, if your organization was a bus, ask these three questions:
   1) Are the right people on the bus?
   2) Are the wrong people off the bus?
   3) Are the people on the bus in the right seats?

Using the process and principles of moving from "Activity to Achievement" gives positive results. Achievers perform more effectively, are more productive, and companies that hire or develop achievers are more profitable. Sounds like a good course to chart.

Bob Holman (middle) recognizes Cheryl Vavages and Ramon Martinez
from Casino Arizona

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