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An October Meeting Recap

by Cheryl Street, CHSP, CHME

Do you influence others in your current role? If so, are you using it to deliver value to your organization, your customers, and your team?

Thomas Bogart, Strategic Marketing Coach, LLC walked us through the steps of identifying what influence is by determining who has had an impact on our lives and who we may in turn be impacting.

Who are the past or present leaders you respect? What leaders are impacting hospitality, business, sports, and politics the most today, and why? Are you a leader? You may have more influence than you think. Know your strengths and the strengths of those you work with. Ernest Hemingway says, "Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what there is."

In your current role do you add value, contribute or consume? There are four types of people; those who add, subtract, multiply and divide. Who you are really determines the role you represent; not what you do!

What is your level of influence? Be an encourager, a coach, a change agent, foster innovation. Where ever you are in the organization you can be an influence. Get involved and engaged.

Are you playing to your strengths? Marcus Buckingham says, "There are many good levers for engaging employees and driving team performance; but the master lever is getting each employee to play to his/her strengths; and engaged team will be the result."

Create and foster inspiration where you are. How can you inspire your team? Stay charged up. Learn what inspires each person and learn their language. Identify demotivating issues at work and reduce/ remove them. Celebrate!

You can have influence from any position! But you can't do that unless you get involved.

Thank you to the Radisson Ft. McDowell Resort & Casino for stepping in to host this meeting for us AND treating us to a top notch meal. They not only support us with the many staff who are HSMAI members, but they are always willing to help our chapter out. They also provided accommodations for the NAU students who drove down from Flagstaff to join us. Additional thank yous to Bill Johnson for providing the LCD projector and to Richard Carmer and Picture Phoenix for the photo memories.

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